Lately it seems as if new electric car proposals are coming in left and right, and not only from volume brands. The e2 is the work of a German firm called e-Wolf, which currently builds the e1, a lightweight one-seater sports car with a 110kW / 147HP electric motor that recalls the Lotus Seven. The company released a set of renderings along with initial specs of the ‘e2’ that is scheduled to be formally introduced onto the market sometime in 2011.

The two seater’s exterior appearance looks a fusion of styling traits from an array of supercar models including the Ferrari Enzo (especially up front), various Lamborghinis and even the Spada Conatronca concept.

e-Wolf said that the car will weigh in at around 900kg or 1,985 lbs with power being provided by four 100kW / 134HP electric motors, one for each wheel (just like Audi’s e-Tron concept), delivering a combined peak torque of close to 1,000Nm or 737.6 lb-ft.

The battery that powers the four motors is said to give the German supercar a range of around 300km or 187 miles. According to the company’s claims, the battery can be charged in a little over half an hour. More details on the e2 are to be released in the very near future. (via carscoop.blogspot.com)

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