Shyne Po


Today (October 6), rapper Shyne will be released from prison after serving 9 years on assault and attempted murder charges.

At the time of his sentencing in 2001, Shyne has secured a gold debut album, and was poised to have a successful career run.

In an exclusive interview with, Sean “Diddy” combs spoke on his former star pupil’s release and their current relationship.

“Shyne is not signed to Bad Boy anymore,” Combs revealed to exclusively. “I looked forward to this day. The whole situation was a tragic situation. He’s a young man that has a whole life ahead of him to live to be successful and to come out here and put his foot in the game.”

Like the initial bidding war that preceded his Bad Boy signing, Shyne’s new label home has been the subject of much media speculation.

Mogul Jay-Z denied meeting with the rapper, but acknowledged a Roc nation signing was a “possibility” and there would likely be a future meeting.

On this matter, Diddy offered clarity on whether there would be further music projects between the two.

“I don’t have anything to do with his personal business or his career,” Combs told “As far as our relationship, only time will tell.”

Shyne, born Jamal Barrow, was sentenced to the lengthy stint in prison after a violent shootout inside of Club New York, while he attended a party with Combs and Combs’ then girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez.

Both he and Combs stood trial for the shooting. Combs was acquitted during the sensational trial, while Shyne was found guilty.

According to Shyne’s lawyer, Oscar Michelin, the rapper is required to complete two and a half years of probation per a special request from New York’s Correction Department.

At press time, Shyne’s rumored 3rd album is set to be titled Godfather Exhumed. (via allhiphop)

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