Montana Deleon

Montana Deleon

Born March 12
dress size 12-14
Pant size: 14-15
Shoe size: 10
Eye color: hazel
Hair color: Black
Occupation: model, actress, host and author
SAG eligible
More photos and video after the jump!

I am a fully trained actress. I trained with Stewart Solomon at Creative Work Shops acting studio in North Miami Beach florida where i learned:

• Acting Essentials©
• Acting With Accents
• Acting with Styles
• Acting Skills©
• Actors BodyShop©
• Actors DayShop©
• Actors ProShop©
• Actors SceneShop©
• Actors SoapShop©
• Audition Essentials©
• Audition Skills for Film and TV
• The Basics of Screen Acting
• “Business of Acting
• Cold Reading Skillls
• Combat for Film and Stage
• Creating Characters©
• The Creative Commercial WorkShop©
• The Creative Film Actors WorkShop©
• The Creative Commercial WorkShop©
• The Creative Film Actors WorkShop©
• The Creative Monologue WorkShop©
• How to Market Yourself as an Actor
• Improv BootCamp©
• Improv for Commercials©
• Improv Madness!© & Improv Explosion!©
• Improv PlayShop©
• The Monologue Boot Camp©
• Movement With Style©
• The Power of Mask©
• Power of Movement©
• Physical Characterization
• The ScriptShop©
• Speech & Diction
• TelePrompter Reading WorkShop
• The VoiceOver Shop

Montana Deleon

Montana Deleon

Montana Deleon’s Goals:

Can you believe I have never been a featured girl in a “major” artists music video nor have I had a spread in a “major” magazine publication? Yet I have quite the following, and I did it all by my loansome. It’s really not my dream to be a video vixen but I’m open to doing them. I would love to grace the cover of magazines but not because of being in a video, but because of being a great author. I’m nearly finished writing my first book.

I have two main goals in this world. One is to get a few books published and two, get my own love, sex, and relationship talk show. Most people aren’t lucky enough to make it to the big time, so my plan is to go in through the back door. I plan to shoot pilots of my talk show and submit them to major networks in hopes of getting my talk show picked up. Until that happens, every episode that I shoot will be shown on my official website, http://www.1900montana.com, like a webisode.

It’s one thing to be a sexy model with a killer body and a cute face, but to have talent and substance behind that can go a long way and increase your income and exsposure. The Montana Deleon talk show is the modern day Sue Johanson or the Dr. Ruth show, only with more emphasis on love and relationships. It stems from my first two books, “How to treat your man like a King and How to treat your woman like a Queen”. I bring you young, sexy outgoing energy to the screen to spice up popular subjects. I definitely keep things interesting and fun by inviting celebrities, experts on the topic of the day and real life people with real life problems that we all can relate to. If you enjoy seeing my sexy pictures and watching my crazy youtube video, wait till you get a load of me on your television screen. So sexy, so funny, so real, so humble and so entertaining. Beauty with brains is a bestseller. Tune in and be entertained!

Montana Deleon

Montana Deleon

Author, model, event hosting, trained actress, Currency trading, production company, talk show host.
Montana Deleon is available for:

Event hosting
Plus size Modeling

Email business propositions to

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