The Simmons Sisters

The Simmons Sisters

Vanessa and Angela Simmons have got to be some of the most lucrative girls in the USA. The daughters of hip-hop legend Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons of Run D.M.C have been living the heiress lifestyle with a twist: unlike some other heiresses, they have to work. The hustling hotties came up with an idea to launch their own sneaker line for women called Pastry in 2007 and business have never been better since. Vanessa and Angela have been launching new styles and answering to the majority of tweens whose demands are getting complicated when it comes to fashion. As a proof of their open-mindedness, they were willing to step out of their ’sneaker’ box and launched a totally new and hugely anticipated Pastry heels and accessories.

The girls also maintain their brand awareness by starring in a spin-off reality series from “Run’s House”, titled “Daddy’s Girls”, where they move to the west coast to expand their Pastry line and have a taste of independence. MTV aired the first season in 2008 and the series returned in 2009, ending with the girls’ decision to move back to NY and postpone their Pastry flagship store plan in LA.

Things get interesting as now Pastry lovers and MTV reality show audience are kept guessing whether the next season of “Daddy’s Girls” going to be produced. Well, found this leaked video of Vanessa and Angela Simmons, as they do their usual Pastry meeting. Exclusively for readers, here’s Vanessa and Angela doing their thing.

It’s unclear whether this is a sneak peek of the upcoming season of Daddy’s Girls or not, but the Simmons Sisters are seriously having fun with their shoe line. It looks like it’s done in a store… is it possible that this is a tease of their upcoming flagship store? (via SoJones)


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