WoW! Freeway looks like he’s siding w/ Beanie! Peep the joint! Love is a battlefield
“And I ain’t sayin n*ggas left us in the hood though/ We ate our little food, did the dishes, cleaned the plates up/ You was eatin steak while we was eatin Steakum/ But I never complained, backed you up and tipped the waiter.”
There has been heavy discussion as it pertains to Beanie Sigel and his recent verbal assaults on Jay-Z. Many are feeling as though he has a valid argument, whereas others look at him as a down and out rapper trying to himself back to relevancy.
No matter how much he sends shots at the throne of his former “friend” people seem to need more convincing that he is pleading a real case.
“We don’t believe you, you need more people,” would simply sum it up for Beans.
With that being said, fellow Philly native has decided to end his silence and slip in his own commentary on the ongoing situation with the release of the track “Love Is A Battlefield”.
“All the people want me to get into detail/ Bout Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel/ We shall proceed/ Wanna know if I rhyme with Beanie/ Or if I got feelings on the D L/ We shall, see/ On The Stimulus Package/ When I drop it February 16/ This is how the sh*t be/ The game is to be sold not told.”
Freeway even goes into mention the death of Aaliyah, taking a page from Jadakiss to ask “What If” the plane had never crashed as if her passing put more pressure on relationships in the Roc.
As Jay went into his retirement and the Roc was relatively silent as Sigel served his bid, the rapper gave a glimpse into his life while everything was in a downward spiral.
“I was in the hood stressing with the wolves, while my n*gga Beans was doing a year in the wake up/ Every day I wake up, shooting, robbin, violence, a lot of transgression in the hood.”
Refusing to take sides in the beef, Free simply states that he doesn’t know who to blame, but he can only proceed with what is now and create a trail for himself into the future.
With Stimulus Package on the way, however, fans should expect to hear more from the rapper as he did on Free At Last when he aired his grievances about not receiving input from Kanye West or Just Blaze and how much the Roc had shifted since their dominance.
Only time will tell how long the story goes, but as more from the Roc throw in their two cents, it only becomes better for the listeners to realize what happened behind the scenes once the camera’s stopped flashing.
“What if the brothers never broke up and foul words was never spoke up/ Would that diamond still stay up?/ Wait up/ What if half these n*ggas wasn’t imaginary playa’s, would yall n*ggas notice?” #Shoutout HipHop Wired

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