Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

A video of Marilyn Monroe smoking marijuana is to go up for sale.
The never-before-seen footage shows the late actress smoking a cannabis joint – a cigarette lace with the drug – while relaxing at a friend’s home in New Jersey 50 years ago.
The silent film was shot by an unnamed filmmaker friend of Marilyn – who died tragically in 1962, aged just 36 – who confirmed the beauty was inhaling the drug.
The filmmaker said: “I got the marijuana. It was mine. It was just passed around. It was not a party. It was just a get-together. You know, come over and hang out.”
Blonde Marilyn can reportedly be seen taking a puff on the cigarette, sniffing her armpit and giggling.
The video spent many years hidden in a loft before New York collector Keya Morgan bought it for $275,000.
Describing the footage, Keya said: “This is the late 50s so she is already very famous, but this is a personal side of her we’ve never seen before. People have never seen her in such a relaxed pose.”
The collector – who is currently making a documentary about the tragic actress – plans to put the clip up for sale on auction website eBay later this week. #Shout Out Contact Music
Here is the video!



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