Rapper Keys goes all the way in! – Nicki Minaj diss [Video]

6 Responses to Rapper Keys goes all the way in! – Nicki Minaj diss [Video]

  1. Nicki Minaj says:

    Hmm…. Why don’t you go straight to the gym, remove some fat and ehm…. yeah I think a therapy wouldn’t harm you. (If you can’t pay send me the bill) cause you look like you’ve got money issues.


    Nicky Minaj

    It’s barbie BITCH

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by imacoolgeek: LMFAOOO YESSSSS!!!! >>> RT @DaddyBawsten Who heard the girl diss Nicki Minaj! http://bit.ly/ba1KLf

  3. slimjimroo says:

    I think it’s highly hilarious Nicki Minaj got Grown ass Black women walkin’ round sayin they Barbies.
    NICKI MINAJ flows are noisy, annoying, and directionless. We need this bitch Keys in da game. Bring it up KEYS, take hip hop off of LIFE SUPPORT with the quickness!!!!

  4. SnakeyeZ says:

    Keys is exactly what the game needs… A real bitch from the block. Minaj wants NONE of that, believe me. This rap game is so watered down these days we need some fire just like that to dry it UP!!

  5. msfcknlieutenant says:

    she got talent but nicki got raw talent cuz she aint get to where she is by attackin other chickenz so if keys wanta make a real name 4 herself she needa grow some balls n worry bout doin her n not bout nicki. she say nicki voice is annoyin n blah blah but she actually sounded like my annoyin lil sister. so yeaa she got talent but she should b usin it 2 build the female rap game up not tear down females who alredii on bigg shit. also i highly doubt that this was off the top of her head she done spent time at the table writin that n wit that bein said the intro still sucked. n 4 all da niggz out dere sayin dey like her cuz she gutta n whatever..bullshit im tired of rappers runnin roun talkin bout guns n shit but kno if it came down 2 it dey wouldnt fire no goddamn glock n datz y i fuck wiff kid cudi n drake cuz dey aint on dat ‘ill cap ur ass shit’ so when a female can convince me dat she can rip beatz witout speakin of weed or her vagina or guns den ill fuxx wit a bitch.n yes minaj do use dat shit sometimes but i like her cuz she HARAJUKU niggz shes outrageously random n unique so yall may not like the robot goo goo eyes n all the other shit she do but shes a freak of nature n thats where i see her talent

  6. look ya dont seem to get it she aint attacking nickie she’s getting the message straight because she feels that nickie is trying to brag about how she killed every rap bitch in the building, so a real lyrical bitch is not gonna wanna not get a crack on her fake ass so stop talking shit and realize that he game needs females to step it up and breath life ino hip-hop so don’t hate or sa shit till you see if thee was any response from nickie , and if not then we know keys killed it , we all have to wait and see

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