Wunderkind- Women's Spring 2010

I think…. No, I’m sure I’ve found a new favorite- the German label Wunderkind.  Established in 2003 by designer Wolfgang Joop and partner Edwin Lemberg; Wunderkind is avant-garde without being too over the top.  Remember JOOP! back in the late 80’s and early 90’s?  (I know I’m a young tike too, so maybe you don’t) But I do remember my dad rockin’ the cologne; it was one of my favorites.  Never-the-less, Joop has since sold the companies under his conglomerate and has shifted his focus to Wunderkind.

After debuting his Fall/Winter 2004 collection to a small group of press and retail guests in Berlin, Joop was invited to show his collection during New York Fashion Week Fall 2004- a move that would position Wunderkind to go global.  In 2006, Wolfgang premiered his Spring/Summer 2007 collection in Paris.  Talk about a turn-around! Within a year, the label shifted directions almost immediately; offices were opened with a showroom in Milan, Italy and a commercial office in London, England. 

Produced entirely in Italy by women’s wear producer Rocsini, the label specializes in high quality garments and fabrics.  To give an idea of just how good Rocsini is; they produce pieces for Hermes, Valentino, and Tom Ford- to name a few.  Flagship stores have since been opened with a few in Berlin and its first international store in London in November 2008.  Besides those, Wunderkind is only offered in exclusive boutiques.  Their first men’s collection launched at Milan and Paris Fashion Week June 2009.      

  Joop’s vision for the label was to represent the “sophisticated and independent woman”.  I wonder if he still had that vision for his Spring 2010 collection because it’s playful and slightly provacative.  Body casts under flowing dresses, florals to go with the trend of the seaason, and bubble skirts made their way back in this year.  Legwear- undescribable.  They’re like thigh-highs on Steroids.  My favorite parts of the collection are the arrows pointing to “those important places”.  Abosolutely amazing. ~C.M. 

Check out these other looks from the collection.



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