It's A Dirty Game

gangstarrA  few weeks ago as we all know, rapper Guru passed away. Sadly it was overshadowed by his former producer and group member Solar.Over the weekend Solar’s, email was hacked and alot of things have been revealed. It’s bad enough that he was accused of everything from denying Guru’s family access to see him during his last days, to fabricating a deathbed statement from the rapper to start a charity in Guru’s name; the emails confirm that Solar forced Guru to tour instead of seeking medical help and he controlled Guru’s access to his own email account and various other web presences. It also shows that Solar owed money to multiple companies and organizations, and that Solar attempted to pimp out unreleased music from Guru after the rapper’s death. But this isnt it ! The unknown hacker stated that there will be more emails released within the next few days. This is turning into a Hip Hop soap opera, and I dont like it.


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