Count Down to More Gaga

Lady Gaga is teasing her fans yet again. When Alejandro was selected as the official 3rd single from her now platinum second album “The Fame Monster”, fans already knew what to expect: fashion, boys, and gaga being gaga. If that wasn’t enough, Alejandro has already peaked in the top 20 of the Hot 100 in over 5 countries. That makes the release of the video even more anticipated.  By looking at the above pic we can say that it’s bizarre, which is fitting, since this is a Gaga music video and some may even call it epic. The Telephone video which features Beyonce has been well recieved by fans and critics alike. Let’s see what Gaga has in store for this video.  Though there isn’t and offical release date, expect a few more photos to surface before this video offically premieres.

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