Monica Snubbed For BET Award?

Yesterday shortly after the BET Award nominations were announced, Monica tweeted to her fans about how briefly disappointed she was that she wasn’t in the Best Female R&B Artist catergory. She then tweeted about how thankful she was to be nominated at all. Of course that didnt stop the fans from tweeting and speaking about the snub. My timeline was Monica central for at least an hour but others went on about the subject for the rest of the day. They went on and on about artists such as Beyonce, whos album came out two years ago, has recieved a nomination in that catergory (the first name to be listed actually) and so is Rihanna who is CLEARLY A POP artist. Even I had to get soem of that Rihanna action. I just hope that she takes home at least one of the two awards she’s nominated for. After all, she has been in the game since the age of 13.

One Response to Monica Snubbed For BET Award?

  1. Riri says:

    This is how I figured that is works, with most of the music award shows, they show recognition not in the year of the album or artist coming out, more so the next year, where they let you marinate and make your records to sell and singles and all that jazz!

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