Ciara's Ride Is Cut Short

ilove Ciara, I’ve been a fan since Goodies and ihave all 3 of her albums, but Fantasy Ride wasn’t only a disappointment to me and other fans alike, but also a disappointment to her and her label as well. Though she’s going back to her Goodies and The Evolution days, it just really seems that her time is up. Over the weekend, I recieved word that BET has banned her new video “Ride” featuring Ludacris. What in the name of chicken wings and cupcakes did they do that for? They can play Trey Songz’ softcore porno’s, Rihanna’s X-rated army exploits (and demon worshiping), Beyonce’s cell phone snappin’ with Lady Gaga (I love that song but thats not the point) and many rap videos but not Ciara’s video? The only thing that’s a little to graphic in that video is the mechcanical bull…and you don’t even see that long ! If anyone should be playing her video it should def be BET. Even MTV and VH1 are giving her shine. I am very appalled and flabbergasted at all of this!

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