Ciara Who?

4 those of u who don’t know, igive up on Ciara. I’m still a fan, but as far as putting all of the musical faith in her having a successful career ican’t do it anymore. The fact that the remix version of “Ride” sounds sooooooo much better than the orginal just further proves my theory. Ciara stated that she was going back to her “Goodies” and “Evolution” (mostly Promise) days, becuase she felt like the crossover move to the Pop world wasn’t for her. Well thats true, but Pop is totally dominating the charts! People love Pop music (well ilove Pop music). The “Ride” remix should have been called the official version. It has the potential of being a hit, or at least charting well.  ican officially say R.I.P. to Ciaras career 2004-2007.  It will be missed…ithink.

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