Ne-yo's Beautiful Monster

Last year was the year of vampires, 2008 was all about swag and 2007 has been forgotten. It seems that this year artists and fans alike are all feeling like creatures and alienish. RnB singer and songwriter Ne-Yo is a new passenger aboard this train. His new album entitled “Libra Scale” is set to be released in September and his first single “Beautiful Monster” premiered on myspace today. It will be available on iTunes and Amazon as a digital download on June 1st. A 21 second clip of the song was posted online yesterday and instantly my mind went directly to Gaga. The song reminds me of her song “Monster” from her 2nd studio album (which is really an EP) “The Fame Monster”. ican’t help but to dub Ne-Yo’s song as the male version to it, or a Part II even. If you are unfamiliar to Gaga’s song Monster check it out and then listen to Ne-Yo’s song and see if you can see some similarities or if you even like the direction hes going cuz idon’t.

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