Rihanna is Pyscho

When ithink of Rihanna, ithink of a box of leaves. She’s great 2 look at (leaves are too) but she doesn’t strike me as something that will last long or that really does anything (at leaves can move when the wind blows). And though i’m not a fan of rihcession…imean Rihanna, some of  her songs are catchy like her new single “Rockstar 101” which features famed guitar player Slash. The music video premiered today on VEVO and imust say that I’m dissappointed. iwas expecting flashing lights, hotel parties, and alot of shirtless guys. All igot was demonic images, her gigantic 4head, and Travis Barker (ilike travis barker so yay!). It seems like all of her videos from this album with an exception of “Rude Boy”.  This just goes to prove my theory that she is pyscho. Every since that Disturbia video, iknew something wasnt right about her, but idigress. If u aren’t a fan and your not interested in the song then try to stay away from both Mainstream and Rhythmic radio stations on June 1st.


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