Icon Liza Minelli Remakes Single Ladies

When ihear the names Liza and Minnelli together in the same sentence I instantly say Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (which is my all time favorite movie) iconic daughter! To me Liza Minnelli can do no wrong…at least iThought she couldn’t. The soundtrack for the heavily anticipated movie Sex in the City 2 (which will hit theaters tomorrow) was leaked a few days ago and iWas very excited to hear Ms. Minelli’s version of Beyonce’s hit Single Ladies. While iactually grabbed a cup of tea and a oreo to enjoy what iWas hoping would be epic, after 30 seconds iHad to stop it. As much as iHate to say it…Liza’s version was horrible! Her voice truly duznt fit the track and as much of an icon that Liza is, it really shouldn’t mater but sadly it does. If u are a devoted Beyonce fan then isuggest you not listen to this or even think about listening to it…and if u are going to see Sex in the City 2, then go get some popcorn or something when Ms. Minelli performs the song during the wedding scene.

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