Whats up with Rihanna's Tights?

Rihanna may be a lying devil worshiping big 4headed bitch but thoughout it all iwill give Rhicession her props by saying that she can really dress her ass off (or her stylest can dress her up because ikno for a fact that she doesnt do it all by herself). When the new video for Diddy-Dirty Money’s Hello Good Morning dropped, inoticed something, Kalenna was wearing the same leggings as Rihanna was a few days ago or vice versa. 2bad you can only see her in them for like 15-seconds due to helicopters, cameos by Rick Ross, T.I. and Swizz Beatz, and that random ass  extra-long feather earring worn by Dawn Richards. French label Givenchy designed the tribal pants, which sell for$650. If u are a fashionista and u like being the center of attention but your not willing to pay that much for them, American Apparel sells them for $34.

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