Spring/Summer 2010 Footwear

May 28, 2010

This year designers are taking us to new heights- literally.  Sky-high heels (do me just fine, thank you) are only right for the season.  This year there’s two extremes: kitten heel or 6 in pump.  No in betweens.  The structure and body of the shoes have gotten more crazy- from the actual heel to color schemes, these babies have gone wild.  Just peep these Versaces.

Military styles are the trend for Fall 2010 and they crept in just a bit for Spring/Summer; rugged, combat bottoms made their way back (no Ma-no-no’s though) on a pair of Jessica Simpson’s and also on these L.A.M.B. joints.  Gwen even added an exaggerated platform to a normal pump.

Another oldie resurfaced from the 90’s: clogs.  From Louis Vuitton to Chanel, everyone has their own take on the trend.  Alexander Wang combined a classic oxford look and beautiful leather for his.

The moral of the story? Always have a platform; they make it easier to walk in such a high heel and it’s less stress on the balls of your foot.  With a clog and any wedge-type shoe, the wedge heel balances the weight, so a platform may not always be needed.  Pair these sky-scrapers with a baby-doll, or (reasonably) short dress and you’re golden. ~ C.M.

Actor Gary Coleman Reported Dead at age 42

May 28, 2010

Gary Child
The Huffington Post has stated that, Diff’rent Strokes actor Gary Coleman has been reported dead at the age of 42 at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. Gary was hospitalized on Wednesday after suffering a brain hemorrhage, and by Thursday [after being conscious] Gary ended up in critical condition and placed on life support. Gary’s wife Shannon Price & his father were at the hospital when he passed.

Over the years Gary has received a lot of negative press & been joked about for his struggles both financially & mentally. It is sad how we ridicule others & when they pass on we then recognize them for who they were. A lot of us reading are guilty of this-I am not exempt. Hopefully we will learn from this & remember that none of us are perfect, and that we each deserve respect & help when we lose who we are.

Here is a compilation of funny moments with Gary who played the role of “Arnold” on Diff’rent Strokes.


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Poppo ft. Nicki Minaj "Your Love" Remix

May 28, 2010

Rihanna "Te Amo" Official Video

May 28, 2010


Behind the scenes w/ Spike Lee for "Absolut Brooklyn" (Video)

May 28, 2010

Tyra Banks Gives Tribute to Alexander McQueen

May 28, 2010

Check out Tyra’s photoshoot for the late and abosolutly great Alexander McQueen.

McQueens Long Time Collaborator Takes Over Business

May 28, 2010

Sarah Burton, who’s a long-time collaborator of the late British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, has now been named as creative director of his label. Sarah has worked with Sir McQueen since 1996 and was appointed as head of the design label’s women’s wear in 2000. McQueen, who rose from a modest background to become one of the world’s most flamboyant and high-profile designers, committed suicide in February the day before his mother’s funeral. Check out a few of my favorite designs from him.

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Pregnancy & Wedding Confirmed?

May 28, 2010

Alicia & Swizz
It looks like reps for both singer Alicia Keys & producer Swizz Beatz have confirmed to People that the couple are expecting their first child [together], and are slated to be married in a private ceremony sometime later this year. Swizz is the father of 3 year old Kasseem Jr. with Ex-wife and singer Mashonda, and his oldest son Prince Nasir.

Here is a recent pic taken of Alicia on Thursday (May 27) in London for the Keep A Child Alive Black Ball charity. What pouffy dress that is, not sure I am feeling it…No, I am sure, I am NOT feeling it!

Alicia Black Ball Dress

Check out the glitter & spiked Louboutin pumps fellow Fashionistas!!!

Alicia Pumps

Though some people didn’t approve of how this relationship started, children are a blessing & frankly, its not our lives, so congrats to both Alicia & Swizz!

Listen: Kanye West "Power" (Exclusive!)

May 28, 2010

“I guess every superhero need his theme music”

Kanye is expected to release “Power” [from his upcoming Good Ass Job album] on iTunes on June 8th according to: Stereogum.com. Kanye Samples the song “21st Century Schizoid Man” from King Crimsom-which I have included below along with the Ozzy version. I got this on repeat the rest of the day!

Download: Kanye West “Power” | Respect RR
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Lil' Wayne "Da Da Da" Official Video

May 28, 2010