Beyonce's Getting Sued

Whu uh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh -duz the Single Ladies hand movement-. Well as reported by Philip Markowitz, neighbor to the residence where Beyonce shot her latest video, Why You Don’t Love Me, is claiming that Bey’s camp disrupted his entire day with the shoot. Markowitz alleges in the lawsuit that in addition to being woken up at 7am, the film crew blocked his driveway permitting him from leaving the house and due to arguing with the crew about the driveway inconvenience he also missed several business calls.  Markowitz is suing Beyonce along with the production company for punitive and unspecified damages. iBelieve it! Beyonce is a D I VA and what she wants she gets. People don’t think that she has an attitude or has this “do u kno who iAm persona”, but iDo! iHope Mr. Markowitz wins but anyway, check out the video.

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