Teonnys Rant of the Week: Cassie

So as iwas scrolling through my timeline on twitter, iNoticed that a few of my followers we’re talking about the celebrity world (that’s most of the time). What struck me, was that some 1 had mention how beautiful Cassie is. Then it hit me. She’s really beautiful. While she has been modeling since the age of 14 and appeared in ads for Seventeen magazine by 16 and is represented by Wilhelmia Models, iPersonally think that she should just stick to modeling. We all know  that she’s not much of a singer and her album entitled Electro Love was orginally suppose to be released in Fall of 2008. After the flop of all of the singles released including Official Girl featuring Lil’Wayne, iStarted to think that it was never going to be released. Shockingly reports state that Electro Love will be released in Late 2010/Early 2o11. My question is…why? Its not gonna sale anyway. Her debut has sold 321,000 copies to date, after debuting at #4 with 100,374, annnnnnnnnnnnnd she only has 1 hit! Its understandable if you have a hit on either the Rnb charts and/or Hot 100, but when you can’t get a hit on either chart, u may as well hang it up. The point of my rant is…Cassie hang it up ho! Just stick to modeling…at least we all know you can be successful in that.


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