Bionic Album Review


Okay i’ll admit it. iLike Christina Aguilera, iAlways have since Genie in a Bottle. iEven owned the album when it was released. After a four year hiatus (she got married and had a baby) Xtina has returned to the Pop world and iMust say…i’ve been waiting. Bionic is a mix of a Euro/Electronica/Pop/Dance sound which is what everyone who wants a hit is using. The 18- track set (24 if you get the deluxe edition like me) is a rollercoaster ride of up tempo dance tracks that goes into this slow zone in the middle and shoots dierectly back into full speed toward the end of the album. Bionic reflects a new direction for Christina Aguilera without abandoning the singer’s history and the sound that long-time fans have come to know. But unfortunately her outspoken openness toward her sexuality also acts as a barrier at times.iThink she pushes her sexualitytoo much. It’s great that she’s standing for something and making it clear that she knows It causes one to get tired of it so quickly. It seems to me that she’s trying to keep up with Ke$ha, Rihanna, and her well known rival Britney Spears, by forcing herself to do music thats not her at all. Artists are always reinventing themselves, but sometiems it doesn’t work out for them like they would hope. iGive Bionic a 7.8/10.


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