Gaga Prepares To Break More Records

This has been quite a week for Lady Gaga. The video for her current single Alejandro was released and has sparked some good and bad news. On the other hand, Alejandro has passed the 1,000,000 digital downloads mark. It has become her seventh consecutive single to pass the one million mark. The Fame Monster album itself has already sold 3 million copies. Her six previous singles also have passed the 2,000,000 digital downloads mark. If & when Alejandro also passes two million, she will hold the record by being the ONLY artist to have 7 songs reaching that two million mark. In similar news, Bad Romance has also reached the 3.95 million digital download mark this week. When it passes the 4 million mark, it will also make Lady Gaga the first & only artist in digital download history to have 3 songs to have passed 4,000,000 downloads. The other two songs, Just Dance and Poker Face, both have marked 5 million in downloads, also a set record by Gaga.

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