Teonny Speaks: Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj

So itried to stay quiet about this Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim thing but iHave to say a few sentences if not an entire page. 1stly, iLove Lil’Kim. When iWuz introduced to her with No Matter What They Say, iKnew right then and there that she would be around 4 a while. Well, of course that didn’t happen because she ended up going to jail. After she got out iWas waiting on this big comeback…all iGot was Dancing With the Stars. Nicki Minaj just picked up where Lil Kim left off. Though iDon’t really like Nicki Minaj, iTolerate her because she reminds me so much of Kim. The hair, the clothing, the barbie thing all of that was Lil Kim…and it still is. iCan understand why Lil Kim is mad at Nicki. The fact that Nicki is doing what Lil Kim SHOULD be doing just makes the whole situation worst. But at the same time, iDon’t think that they should be beefing. There aren’t that many female rappers out right now; they should just all support 1 another…give that girl power that the people like.


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