The iPhone May hit T-Mobile?

According to The Huffington Post, Apple may be in the process of making the iPhone available on T-Mobile as early as the Fall, and as late as early 2011. I know, I know, we hear this rumor every other month, but Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu says that Apple suppliers have hinted that AT&T may lose it’s exclusive contract with Apple sometime in the early half of 2011.

The reason I can kind of feed into this rumor is Wu’s statement that basically, Apple needs to branch out to other cell carriers, as it is receiving major competition with phones that are running on Google Inc’s Android software. It is stated that T-Mobile would be the best first choice of provider for the iPhone, due to its similar wireless technology that Sprint & Verizon do not offer, making this an easy conversion.

T-Mobile spokesman Peter Dobrow had this to say to The Huffington Post on Thursday: “T-Mobile does not comment on rumor or speculation…Would we like to offer the iPhone to T-Mobile customers in the U.S.? You bet. Ultimately though it is Apple’s decision on who carries its product”.

Since none of us know when AT&T & Apple’s exclusive contract will end, this is still all speculation. Though, it would be nice for me to jump ship from AT&T & go with another provider. Let us hope for this miracle–AT&T sucks!!!

Check out the new iPhone 4 on Apple
Here is a video from when the iPhone 4 was placed in the hands of Gizmodo about 2 months ago.

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