Christina Aguilera Debuts At Number 3

The numbers are in. While the Glee Casts new album debuts at number 1 on the Billboard 200 Charts with 158,135 copies,  and even the Twilight Saga: Eclipsesoundtrack debuted at number 2 with 155,207 copies, Christina Aguilera’s album Bionicdebuts at number 3 with only 111,838 copies. It’s not really that bad but the record company had high expectations for the album. iHad my doubts since the failure of Not Myself Tonightbut iHad to remind myself that Christina has a very loyal fan base. Well obviously that fan base is either taking their time to purchase the album, or they just aren’t feeling it. iMentioned  last week during my review that Christina has tried something new and while it’s good to reinvent yourself, it just doesn’t work for her. She gave up her slow mid tempo pop songs for upbeat pop electronica songs that just don’t fit her. The 2nd single Woohoo that features Nicki Minaj has debuted at number 79 on the Hot 100, and it doesn’t seem like it will pass the number 60 mark if u ask me. Christina is really at her best with her ballads. If she releases one of the 5 that she has on her album, not only will it help the album sell, but it will let fans know that she hasn’t reinvented herself much; nevertheless the album will still reach platinum status in due time regardless of how the fans receive the album.

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