Tyger Lily's Glam on A Dime: Dicks Cottons 20tens Sunglasses

Hey Glam Dolls & Guys! Tomorrow is Friday (payday), and you know what that means…More Glam at great prices!!! This week: Dicks Cottons 20tens Sunglasses.

Founded by Rich “Dick” Amundson, Dicks Cottons formed after Amundson designed t-shirts to promote his friend’s music, the t-shirts were a hit, and Amundson added sunglasses to the brand. Amundson started attending F.I.T. in New York City in 2009, and in April of this year, he partnered with friend Peter Barko to focus full-time on the brand.

Dicks Cottons sunglasses are great for those who want to look and feel cool this summer, but don’t want to spend $150+ on fashionable shades. The 20tens are $49.95, if you order the full set of colors, they take 20% off!

The 20tens come in 16 different color options, they are unisex, they have the maximum UV protection that you need this summer, and they also come with a cleaning cloth!
20tens Stacks

You can see Dicks Cottons being worn by the cast of Season 2 of Jersey Shore, while they were in Miami filming. These sunglasses have also been seen on; Perez Hilton, E! News, Life & Style, amongst other media outlets.
Jersey Shore Cast

Maybe even you Celtics & Lakers fans wanna get in on this?


Grab a pair (or 16) while you save money & look HOT this summer!!!

To purchase and read more information on Dicks Cottons click here

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