Relationships & Advice:Who Takes The Blame?

Okay give ya’ll opinions on this, It’s this great couple their relationship is going strong and everything it’s not weak at all but one person out the relationship wants ya’ll opinions on this… “Me & my soulmate relationship is great but I wanna know this WHO TAKES THE BLAME, my mate says I always blame them for things for example if we don’t speak in like 2/3 days they will say I haven’t spoken to you in a while and I would say I wonder why, somebody ain’t been calling me or when they say I’ll call you back and never call back I always throw it in my mate face all the time I don’t do it intentionally sometimes it seems like I do but it’s the truth but I stop to think if the shoe were on the other foot I wouldn’t like it neither. Do you think I should just cut the slack cuz it’s not really a big deal or address the fact everytime? Either way my relationship is fine I just want some opinions.”


2 Responses to Relationships & Advice:Who Takes The Blame?

  1. MJ says:

    im sort of dealing with the same thing. im only 20. this is the first time ive ever been in love, but i feel that if she says she’s going to call me back, then i will wait for her to return that call. the longest we’ve ever gone w/o talking to each other is 24 hours. i have a busy work schedule & hers is very lenient. im at work 10 hours a day i have no choice BUT to be thinking about you. then i call or she calls, whichever, my first instinct is to ask questions; why haven’t i heard from you etc… she may think that i am being picky, but i think its a very legitimate reason to be upset. but im beginning to learn repeatedly making altercations in a relationship is annoying and could lead to other feelings. so im trying to bite my tongue as of lately. every relationship is different though.

  2. Thatboyd93 says:

    MJ well I think you shouldn’t bite your tongue and i’m quite sure she understand your schedule right? being it’s your 1st relationship I must tell you ALL relationships have there ups and downs so dont take this situation so seriously, and I think yall should choose a time to call each other everyday if yall is a talk on the phone every day type person u know, yes it can become annoying but u cant let the little things annoy you

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