The Boondocks Episode 8

June 21, 2010

Omg…Last night’s episode of the Boondocks was a mess. While it wasn’t that funny to me, it did indeed have it’s moments. If you watched (which I’m sure most of you have) you would know that the character Winston Jerome is a parody of film star Tyler Perry. Jerome’s character Ma Duke (who he crossdresses to portray) and the play at the beginning are parodies of Tyler Perry’s character Madea and his plays/movies. The The scene where Winston drops down while singing in drag is a parody of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (which will explain why it was a trending topic on twitter kuz a bitch was lost as hell). IDK if Aaron McGruder and Tyler Perry had a bad ass breakup, or if something happened throughout their relationship, but Mr. McGruder went in on Tyler Perry (yes iAmn saying that they were both engaged in a homosexual relationship…what are u gonna do about it? Most of u we’re thinking the same thing, just be glad that isaid it!). But anyway idk about ya’ll, but iAm expecting some beef to occur between this situation. iKnow 4 a fact that Tyler knows about this episode and is already planning his attack! iWouldn’t be surprised if he is already filing a lawsuit as u read this. In case u missed the episode, check it out below.

Toy Story 3 Plays It's Way To The Top

June 21, 2010

Just as we all figured would happen in the 1st place, Toy Story 3 opens at number one on it’s opening weekend. The film brought in $109 million, in the United States and 44.8 million overseas, which brings its actual total to 153.8 million. It is the third animated film to make over 100 million on a opening weekend, the 1st being Shrek 2 with 108 million and Shrek the Third with $121.6 million. It is also the bets debut for a Disney/Pixar film topping “The Incredibles”, which opened at $70.5 million. The Karate Kid, which stars Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, is now number 2 and has managed to pull in 29 million this week end. The weekend’s other new wide release, the Warner Bros. action tale “Jonah Hex,” bombed with just $5.1 million. And iMust say I’m actually shocked, iThought it would have @ least made it to number 3. That really goes to show you that casting Megan Fox as eye candy only, doesn’t work out too well. iMean can she even really act? She hardly had any lines in the Transformers movies, and Jennifer’s Body flopped harder than any Keri Hilson live performance. iCan bet that Toy Story 3 will manage to pull another 60-70 million by next Sunday. If it pulled in more, iWouldn’t be surprised.

Toy Story 3 Came Out Today !

June 18, 2010

Toy Story 3 has hit theaters 2 day and it’s about time. The last time iSaw a Toy Story sequal iWas in the 4th grade, and iWas missing 2 teeth (my 2 front teeth fell out…don’t talk about me). The movie follows Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, and alot of their old friends (Little Bo Peep is not in this movie…she was said to be “sold” in a garage sell between time) as they try to escape a day car center. How did they get there, well as much as iKnow you will h8 2 admit it, just wait until you go 2 the movie theater 2 see it. The film (just like the 1st 2) has already received positive reviews ! Has any one ever noticed that most Disney/Pixar movies receive great reviews and make around 50-60 mil during the opening weekend? If not imma need you 2 pay more attention ! Thoughout all of that, critics state that there are a few scenes that may scare the kids so be careful of the age of the child you are taking. Some of you guys are ashamed to say that you wanna see Toy Story 3. Your using your kids/nephews/nieces etc as an excuse so you won’t feel bad. Well I’m not. Embrace the movie ! We 90’s babies (some of you 80’s babies) have been waiting for this ! iKnow iShall be seeing it, probably not tonight though. iJust love those little aliens ! they are so cute to me !

The Smurfs Movie Teaser Trailer

June 17, 2010

Lets get Smurf’d up ! Yes, iSaid smurf’d up. Sony Pictures Animation & NickelodeonFilms have produced a movie of not only some of our parents, but our favorite cartoon characters the smurfs. The movie is live action/CGI animated family fantasy based and is do out next summer (August 3, 2011 to be exact). The film stars Neil Patrick Harris, Katy Perry, & George Lopez just to name a few. The teaser trailer was released online yesterday around 9:00 and luckily for me iWas able to watch it at least 15 times. iAm so excited 4 this! iLove the smurfs and I’m sure the movie will receive at least mixed reviews from critics and will make a lot of money at the box office. Toy¬†Story 3 comes out tommorrow and just as iFigured, the teaser trailer for tyhe smurfs will be shown as a preview! iCan’t wait until the official trailer is released. Cheack out the¬†teaser trailer below.

Youtube Comedy (Coochieness)

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Who said Granny still cant ride it!

June 15, 2010

Candy Paint & Eye Candy [with video]

June 14, 2010

Funk Flex Logo
Funk Flex talks with rapper Fabolous and comedian Mike Epps about candy paint cars & eye candy women!!! Funk Flex’s Full Throttle airs on MTV2, Sundays at 2pm ET. The show captures the essence behind the music, car culture, and interviews where your favorite artist may just drop by!!

Joe Buddens shows off girlfriend Esther Baxter

June 14, 2010

16 year old teaches you how to Dougie (Video)

June 12, 2010

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Student falls asleep during Obama speech lmfao!

June 11, 2010