Throwback Thursday: Aaliyah More Than A Woman

June 10, 2010


A year after her biggest single to date, Try Again from her debut film Romeo Must Die, Aaliyah began working on her self titled 3rd studio album. More Than A Woman was released as the album’s 3rd North American single in fall 2001 and the 2nd single elsewhere during the first quarter of 2002. It peaked at number 25 on the Hot 100 and number 7 on the Hot RnB & Hip Hop Songs Chart.

Drake Pays Homeage To Aaliyah

May 25, 2010

Who would of known that Drake was an Aaliyah fan…but then again who wasn’t (it seems like after her death she became even more popular which is sad but thats a totally different story…and if u are reading this saying that’s a lie then u are guilty of doing it…again isay thats another story).  Drake paid homage to the memory of the late singer by using her vocals from her hit song “At Your Best” in his song “Unforgettable” from his new album entitled “Thank Me Later” which is due out in June. The song features Young Jeezy who too seems 2 be an Aaliyah fan. Though it is said to be a homage to her, ireally don’t see how. All he’s doing is rapping over a beat using some of her songs as punchlines while she comes in on the hook. If this is a homeage then its not a very good one.