The Boondocks Episode 8

June 21, 2010

Omg…Last night’s episode of the Boondocks was a mess. While it wasn’t that funny to me, it did indeed have it’s moments. If you watched (which I’m sure most of you have) you would know that the character Winston Jerome is a parody of film star Tyler Perry. Jerome’s character Ma Duke (who he crossdresses to portray) and the play at the beginning are parodies of Tyler Perry’s character Madea and his plays/movies. The The scene where Winston drops down while singing in drag is a parody of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (which will explain why it was a trending topic on twitter kuz a bitch was lost as hell). IDK if Aaron McGruder and Tyler Perry had a bad ass breakup, or if something happened throughout their relationship, but Mr. McGruder went in on Tyler Perry (yes iAmn saying that they were both engaged in a homosexual relationship…what are u gonna do about it? Most of u we’re thinking the same thing, just be glad that isaid it!). But anyway idk about ya’ll, but iAm expecting some beef to occur between this situation. iKnow 4 a fact that Tyler knows about this episode and is already planning his attack! iWouldn’t be surprised if he is already filing a lawsuit as u read this. In case u missed the episode, check it out below.