October 27, 2009


AKON tried to stop a concert in Australia from descending into violence by leaping offstage and ordering brawling fans to “calm down”.
The R&B star was performing at Melbourne’s HiSense Arena as part of his co-headlining gig with T-Pain when rival gangs began fighting, prompting Akon to halt the show.
Fan footage posted on YouTube.com shows Akon forcing his way through the rowdy throng and shouting for order into his microphone.
He was then lifted onto fans’ shoulders, where he told the crowd, “It took me almost two years for Australia to let me back in the country. And I’m not going to let them f**k up my concert tonight!”
Immigration officials Down Under have previously refused the Smack That star entrance into the country over his past run-ins with the law. Read the rest of this entry »