Chris Denied Entrance into the U.K.

June 8, 2010

Every1 thought that Chris’ career was over since his situation with the alien. Though his album¬†‘ sold as much as he (and I) would have wanted it 2, it still did okay. Not only that, but Chris has been shooting videos, having photo shoots, and has embarked on a fan appreciation tour. So the guy is still gettin money and still has a support system. The tour was scheduled to hit the U.K. but according to, they don’t want him over there.¬† The fact that he’s a felon sparked the rejection of his visa. iReally don’t think its fair. He lost millions of dollars, fans, and his album flopped, but yet people still can’t get over the situation. It happened a year and like 4 months ago people ! What else can he do? iKnow he doesn’t need to apologize anymore because it’s not his place to do so. iThink the real reason he isn’t allowed over there is because Rihanna’s big Cherry headed ass is over there on tour herself. Can some 1 please ship that bitch back to Barbados 4 me?

Chris Brown ft. Diddy "Curse" (Exclusive!)

June 4, 2010

Eye Candy for the Day

June 3, 2010

Ladies and Honerary ladies, doesn’t Chris look great 2 day ! Shout out to for the pic.

chris brown

Chris Parties It Up In Miami

May 31, 2010

Chris Brown was spotted in Miami Friday night at the Ultra Lounge. It Also appears that he perfomred too. Anyway, here’s a little eye candy girls!

Chris Brown "No Bullshit" Official Video

May 25, 2010

Chris Brown & Tyga Ft. Kevin McCall "Deuces" Official Music Video

May 24, 2010

Chris Brown singing National Anthem at Mayweather Mosley fight

May 3, 2010

Chris Brown ft Tyga "Holla At Me" Official Video

April 21, 2010


September 10, 2009

Check out the new movie poster from upcoming film Takers, starring Matt Dillon, Idris Elba, Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen and Michael Ealy.
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