Ess Vee "Pocket Change" [DOWNLOAD]!

March 2, 2010


Ess Vee is a hip hop artist from Irvington, NJ whose musical journey began years ago when he realized music is where his passion lay. Influential and true to form, lyrical content is what he aims to elude through his music. Inspired by life events and social issues which exist in our present culture, Ess Vee is able to depict a vivid image of reality.

Currently working on his first professional album containing all new original material -set to be released in 2010- Ess Vee has a bundle of lyrical whoa’s that will have listeners astonished at the abundance of creative blends of words and meanings.

Musical passion driving his purpose, Ess Vee plans on breaking into the mainstream musical world with a lyrical brand attached to his name. A humble beginning and personality, Ess Vee is open to new ventures and ready and willing to rise Jersey up in the musical game.

As Ess Vee’s fervor increases, so does the intensity of his music.

After a few months of preparation, the New Jersey emcee Ess Vee’s debut Mixtape, Pocket Change hosted by DJ Pinnacle, finally hits the web!




December 8, 2009

Ess Vee

Ess Vee

Jersey’s own ‘Ess Vee’ has a mixtape coming soon! Peep the promo track. He goes in!