Ciara and LaLa Vasquez Party It Up

June 21, 2010

Over the weekend, Ciara hosted a Baccalaureate Party on Miami Beach for her BFF LaLa Vasquez. As we all know, LaLa is about to marry long time boyfriend (and baby daddy)  basketball player Carmelo Anthony. iMust say that LaLa’s dress is amazing! iLove the color combo and the style…but the shoes are 2 simple 4 my life. Ciara on the other hand, though, I’m not feeling the dress 2 much, iLove love love her shoes! And her 24 inch weave looks great 2. Look at those bangs ! work bitch ! ! ! ! !

iLove these 2 together! iThink their friendship is real genuine…unlike Ciara’s and Kim Kardashian ugh.

Shake that ass! But watch your self…literally. and look @ that bitch with her exclusive walmart camera over there…she better work!

Yea ciara’s dress just doesn’t do it 4 me. It looks cheep

Fetish Friday: Cristiano Ronaldo

June 18, 2010

The very sexy soccer hunk who we have all grown to know and love as Cristiano Ronaldo, is what people call the hot and younger version of  David Beckham. The 24 year old was selected by the house of Emporio Armani to stand as the cover model and spokesperson for their latest Denim and Underwear lines. Billboards will be erected in all of the major cities, including of course, New York, LA and London. The billboards will feature 1st TWO photos below (the rest are past photos that iWanna share with you ladies…and honorary ladies). The pics were shot on location in Madrid which is actually where he resides. iCan see why Kim is “just friends” with him.

Amber Rose's Inspiration 4 New Photoshoot

June 17, 2010

Socialite turned model turned celebrity Amber Rose channels sex symbol Marilyn Monroe 4 YRB Magazine.  In the issue she talks about Kanye saving her life, her sexuality, and her new found fame.  iLike Amber Rose and shes very beautiful. iCan’t picture her with long hair, but this wig and photoshoot works 4 her. She takes amazing pictures and the clothing is amazing! iBet u 5 dollars that they are actually her clothes and not something provivded 4 her. Thanx to 4 the pics and info!

Tyger Lily's Glam on A Dime: Dicks Cottons 20tens Sunglasses

June 17, 2010

Hey Glam Dolls & Guys! Tomorrow is Friday (payday), and you know what that means…More Glam at great prices!!! This week: Dicks Cottons 20tens Sunglasses.

Founded by Rich “Dick” Amundson, Dicks Cottons formed after Amundson designed t-shirts to promote his friend’s music, the t-shirts were a hit, and Amundson added sunglasses to the brand. Amundson started attending F.I.T. in New York City in 2009, and in April of this year, he partnered with friend Peter Barko to focus full-time on the brand.

Dicks Cottons sunglasses are great for those who want to look and feel cool this summer, but don’t want to spend $150+ on fashionable shades. The 20tens are $49.95, if you order the full set of colors, they take 20% off!

The 20tens come in 16 different color options, they are unisex, they have the maximum UV protection that you need this summer, and they also come with a cleaning cloth!
20tens Stacks

You can see Dicks Cottons being worn by the cast of Season 2 of Jersey Shore, while they were in Miami filming. These sunglasses have also been seen on; Perez Hilton, E! News, Life & Style, amongst other media outlets.
Jersey Shore Cast

Maybe even you Celtics & Lakers fans wanna get in on this?


Grab a pair (or 16) while you save money & look HOT this summer!!!

To purchase and read more information on Dicks Cottons click here

Queen Latifah Upscale Magazine Cover

June 16, 2010

Gosh there has been a lot of magazine covers being released this week. Queen Latifah covers the upcoming issue of Upscale magazine and addresses rumors about her sexuality. She looks really good on the cover and she’s wearing her queen collection makeup from cover girl (if not then she should be hell she endorses it). Queen Latifah also speaks on social networking and how she’s not really big on it. iLike 2 consider Queen Latifah as my celebrity mom in my head. Whatever her orientation may be, it doesn’t matter. She’s a very well accomplished black woman and who she choses to sleep with is her business.

Nicole Scherzinger Covers Maxim Magazine

June 16, 2010

Here’s a little eye candy for u guy readers out there. Nicole Scherzinger covers the July issue of Maxim magazine. iThought it was the end for Nicole. When the Pussycat Dolls album Doll Dominationdebuted with 79,000 copies in the 1st week, iKnew right then and there that the Pussycat Dolls was gonna end. Well iWas right…but at the same time iWas wrong. Every1 left but Nicole and now there are 4 new girls in the group. Not only that, Nicole participated in the recent season of the hit ABC show Dancing With The Stars  and won ! So things are starting 2 look up for Nicole and while her solo career may not take off the way she wants too, she’s a very pretty girl and a skilled dancer so expect to see a lot more of Nicole this year and for years to come…again.

Advice Question: When Is It Okay To Wear Plaid?

June 16, 2010

2 day is the day that we actually kick off our relationships and advice segment of the site. “ANY QUESTIONS, THOUGHTS, AND SEXUAL PREFERENCE IS WELCOMED”. The question that I’m working with today is about fashion. The reader (we will not use the names of the person sending the question…that’s so not fair) wants to know when is it appropriate to wear plaid. It’s always appropriate to wear plaid! It doesn’t just work for one season, it can actually be worn all year round. The real issue is how to wear it. Lady’s never wear plaid pants  because that just looks plain tacky. Very short plaid shorts with a nice plain colored shirt is nice and accessories such as purses and shoes could also be worn but do not wear plaid boots, those are even more tacky than the pants. Also remember that when wearing plaid less is more. You wouldn’t want to over due it. Do not mix patterns and colors together, the design of the plaid piece will clash with the color and it just makes everything look out of proportion. Check out some examples below.




Beyonce- Why Don't You Love Me

June 15, 2010

Beyonce plays the role of a desperate housewife better than Eva Longoria in her latest video- Why Don’t You Love Me. Written by sister Solange, Beyonce shows she’s a better actor in her vids.  Deciding to go 50’s all the way- (Which is totally ironic; due to the fact Hank Williams had his own rendition of “Why Don’t You Love Me” in the 50’s) from the narrator and music in the opening scene, the car choice, and obviously the fashion.

Her stylist got it completely right with choosing trends and looks of the upcoming fall season.  Top four things to look for:

  • tailoring
  • volume
  • sculpture
  • restraint

And you can believe they covered all of them.  New shapes and lady-like volumes were the basis of the video and the look of the season.  You knew Beyonce wasn’t going anywhere without that unitard one-piece! Restraint and sculpture: check.  High waisted hot-pants crept in; they been around since 2007 when Chanel  and D&G decided to hit us hard with ’em.  (Remember Gwen on the cover of InStyle with the sequent pair?  Then Beyonce shortly followed on her own cover the same year)  But any-who, on to the other important pieces I spotted.

  • Chunky, embellished jewels- focus on rings ( See nOir Jewelry post)
  • Sky-high platforms- new lavender Christian Louboutin’s
  • Cat-eye lenses
  • Striped sweater
  • Tiffany blue nail polish (get the color from: Quirius- Jamaican Dream)
  • Red/Nude, plump lips
  • Chanel accessories
  • Lace, lace, LACE- big Fall 2010 trend

I loved her interlude, the mascara running down her face, and the dusting off of her, Destiny’s Child, and Jay-Z’s grammys; it gave us that bitchy Beyonce we love oh-so-much.  Other ironic fact?  Mens-wear inspired garments are the biggest focus for designers at the moment; what are the odds she’d be fixing a car in the opening scene? Hmmmmm…  This is probably my favorite video from Bey, hands down.  I’m sure you’ve seen it, but who cares.  I can watch it over and over.  And now that you know what to look for, enjoy. ~ C.M.

Jada Pinkett Smith Looking Great As Usual

June 15, 2010

It’s Jada Pinkett Smith. Gosh how iLove this woman. She looks great as usual, and for some reason the bronze tan looks real great on her. The dress is very cute, yet classy and those shoes, iHave got to get me a pair!

Prince To Recieve Lifetime Achievement Award

June 15, 2010

Prince (the most beautiful man alive) is to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award at the BET Awards this year. The 51 year old superstar (yes 51…he doesn’t look a day over 40 iSwear) joins Whitney Houston, James Brown, and Al Green who have all been honored for the award. BET says the Prince tribute will stand out. Stephan G. Hill, the president of programming, music and specials for the network, said BET will celebrate the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s “unique style.” He also called the performer dynamic, genius, and that he IS music. iKnow 4 a fact that Cie Cie will be watching, and so will I. iLove Prince and iCan’t wait to see what he’s wearing to the event!