Actor Gary Coleman Reported Dead at age 42

May 28, 2010

Gary Child
The Huffington Post has stated that, Diff’rent Strokes actor Gary Coleman has been reported dead at the age of 42 at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. Gary was hospitalized on Wednesday after suffering a brain hemorrhage, and by Thursday [after being conscious] Gary ended up in critical condition and placed on life support. Gary’s wife Shannon Price & his father were at the hospital when he passed.

Over the years Gary has received a lot of negative press & been joked about for his struggles both financially & mentally. It is sad how we ridicule others & when they pass on we then recognize them for who they were. A lot of us reading are guilty of this-I am not exempt. Hopefully we will learn from this & remember that none of us are perfect, and that we each deserve respect & help when we lose who we are.

Here is a compilation of funny moments with Gary who played the role of “Arnold” on Diff’rent Strokes.


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