Techie Thursday: ColorWare your HDTV!

June 17, 2010

Every Tuesday & Thursday, I will bring you interesting tech news and trends.

ColorWare Tv

The people at ColorWare are now customizing your HDTVs! If your not familiar with ColorWare, they take your basic; video gaming systems/accessories, cellphones, computers, MP3 & iPods (docs and headphones too), iPads, & now HDTVs, and they color them to make them stand out with a POP of color!

ColorWare uses a high-gloss, scratch-resistant polymer-based coating to make your product last longer. I originally looked into ColorWare a few years ago, when I wanted to transform my rather bland looking Blackberry Curve 8330 into something more vibrant, and full of energy like me! Now, as an avid iPhone user, I am glad that they also transform those too!

ColorWare Items

Now, you know what ColorWare is all about, time to get back to the title of this post. ColorWare for your HDTVs!. Unlike other ColorWare products, you cannot “send in” your HDTVs. You must contact them directly: or, call 1-888-452-6567
 You also must contact them to receive a quote, which is based off of your specific T.V.. ColorWare can make your T.V. match any wall, or theme in your home, office, or wherever your T.V. is used.

For more information & to look at other product options visit ColorWare Click Here