Karate Kid Debuts At #1 !

June 14, 2010

iAm proud to announce that the remake of  1984’s The Karate Kid starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan had debuted at #1 over the weekend! Hollywood.com has  stated that the movie made an estimation of $56 million dollars by yesterday evening. The movie was produced with a budget of 40 million and it exceeded the studio’s expectations (along with peoples expectations including myself).  The movie itself was produced by Jaden’s parents Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. Another 80’s hit, The A-Team came in at second place with 26 million this weekend.  I’m relieved that the Karate Kid did great on it’s opening weekend, and also received mixed (mostly positive) reviews from critics. iWas very much double sided when it came to the film. A part of me wanted it to do great, while another part of me had its doubts. iThink that Jaden has a promising career as a child star and can work his way up to a wonderful adult star like both of his parents. He’s already won 7 awards and has critical acclaim. Along with acting, Jaden is also a dancer and rapper as he appears on the “theme song” to the movie entitled Never Say Never which features teen Pop (and annoying) star Justin Beiber.