Tyger Lily's Glam On A Dime: Shoedazzle

June 11, 2010

Hey Glamazons! Every Friday, DefGlam will try to bring you the best glam for your budget. I will only suggest sites and services that I have either tried, or plan on trying in the future.

Before I do any of my shopping on a new website, I try to check out reviews & if they are BBB accredited. You should NEVER make an online purchase from a merchant that you are not sure of. If your leery of a merchant, but still want to make a purchase, make sure that they offer Paypal. Even when I am sure of a website, if I see that Paypal is accepted, 100% of the time I pay with Paypal, over submitting my credit card information.

If your a Glamonista in 2010 & still don’t have a Paypal account, sign up here: PayPal

This Friday’s Glam on a Dime features Shoedazzle
Shoedazzle was founded a little over a year ago by Kim Kardashian, and is monthly shoe society that has stylists who choose 5 shoes for each member (based off of their answers to a short profile). Members pay a flat fee of $39.95 (monthly), but the good thing about this is that, if you decide you don’t want ANY of the shoes chosen for you, you can either; skip the month, or have the stylists choose 5 new selections for you!

I have been a member of Shoedazzle since it started & I have purchased over 4 pairs so far. Each pair that I have received arrived; better than pictured, in great condition, and comfortable! The shoes are made with man-made materials, but if you really LOVE shoes, and don’t care about that, you will be satisfied! I still receive compliments on these shoes whenever I wear them out. I recently purchased a pair and thought I needed a smaller size, that ended up being too tight, so I listed them on Ebay and the bids rolled in on them (I received my $39.95 back)! In case your wondering/skeptical, Kim Kardashian has been photoed out wearing Shoedazzle shoes.
I have included a photo of some of my own Shoedazzle purchases, as proof that I really use the service
My Shoes

Here is a little more information on how Shoedazzle works

I have also included a peek at some of the shoes that have been offered to me so far

To get more information and/or to join Shoedazzle, click here

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