Beyonce- Why Don't You Love Me

June 15, 2010

Beyonce plays the role of a desperate housewife better than Eva Longoria in her latest video- Why Don’t You Love Me. Written by sister Solange, Beyonce shows she’s a better actor in her vids.  Deciding to go 50’s all the way- (Which is totally ironic; due to the fact Hank Williams had his own rendition of “Why Don’t You Love Me” in the 50’s) from the narrator and music in the opening scene, the car choice, and obviously the fashion.

Her stylist got it completely right with choosing trends and looks of the upcoming fall season.  Top four things to look for:

  • tailoring
  • volume
  • sculpture
  • restraint

And you can believe they covered all of them.  New shapes and lady-like volumes were the basis of the video and the look of the season.  You knew Beyonce wasn’t going anywhere without that unitard one-piece! Restraint and sculpture: check.  High waisted hot-pants crept in; they been around since 2007 when Chanel  and D&G decided to hit us hard with ’em.  (Remember Gwen on the cover of InStyle with the sequent pair?  Then Beyonce shortly followed on her own cover the same year)  But any-who, on to the other important pieces I spotted.

  • Chunky, embellished jewels- focus on rings ( See nOir Jewelry post)
  • Sky-high platforms- new lavender Christian Louboutin’s
  • Cat-eye lenses
  • Striped sweater
  • Tiffany blue nail polish (get the color from: Quirius- Jamaican Dream)
  • Red/Nude, plump lips
  • Chanel accessories
  • Lace, lace, LACE- big Fall 2010 trend

I loved her interlude, the mascara running down her face, and the dusting off of her, Destiny’s Child, and Jay-Z’s grammys; it gave us that bitchy Beyonce we love oh-so-much.  Other ironic fact?  Mens-wear inspired garments are the biggest focus for designers at the moment; what are the odds she’d be fixing a car in the opening scene? Hmmmmm…  This is probably my favorite video from Bey, hands down.  I’m sure you’ve seen it, but who cares.  I can watch it over and over.  And now that you know what to look for, enjoy. ~ C.M.

Rihanna is Pyscho

May 25, 2010

When ithink of Rihanna, ithink of a box of leaves. She’s great 2 look at (leaves are too) but she doesn’t strike me as something that will last long or that really does anything (at leaves can move when the wind blows). And though i’m not a fan of rihcession…imean Rihanna, some of  her songs are catchy like her new single “Rockstar 101” which features famed guitar player Slash. The music video premiered today on VEVO and imust say that I’m dissappointed. iwas expecting flashing lights, hotel parties, and alot of shirtless guys. All igot was demonic images, her gigantic 4head, and Travis Barker (ilike travis barker so yay!). It seems like all of her videos from this album with an exception of “Rude Boy”.  This just goes to prove my theory that she is pyscho. Every since that Disturbia video, iknew something wasnt right about her, but idigress. If u aren’t a fan and your not interested in the song then try to stay away from both Mainstream and Rhythmic radio stations on June 1st.

Ciara's Ride Is Cut Short

May 24, 2010

ilove Ciara, I’ve been a fan since Goodies and ihave all 3 of her albums, but Fantasy Ride wasn’t only a disappointment to me and other fans alike, but also a disappointment to her and her label as well. Though she’s going back to her Goodies and The Evolution days, it just really seems that her time is up. Over the weekend, I recieved word that BET has banned her new video “Ride” featuring Ludacris. What in the name of chicken wings and cupcakes did they do that for? They can play Trey Songz’ softcore porno’s, Rihanna’s X-rated army exploits (and demon worshiping), Beyonce’s cell phone snappin’ with Lady Gaga (I love that song but thats not the point) and many rap videos but not Ciara’s video? The only thing that’s a little to graphic in that video is the mechcanical bull…and you don’t even see that long ! If anyone should be playing her video it should def be BET. Even MTV and VH1 are giving her shine. I am very appalled and flabbergasted at all of this!

Trey Songz-"Yo' Side of the Bed" Official Trailer (ft. Keri Hilson)

May 20, 2010

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Ludacris & Trey Songz Invite You To Their Sex Room

May 19, 2010

Ludacris recently said that there will be two versions of his 3rd single (4th if you count the “My Chick Bad [Remix])”Sex Room” music video. Of course theres a MTV/BET version but Luda stated that he’s planning an adult version also. The video was said to be shot in Las Vegas and the concept is similar to last year’s blockbuster hit movie”The Hangover”. The fact that it’s Ludacris and Trey Songz, fans know for a fact that their will lots of women.


October 6, 2009