Did you see Rick Ross' baby mama's sextape [Video]?

March 5, 2010

50 Cent just took his beef with Rick Ross to a whole other level as he just published online a sextape featuring Brooke who’s none other than 1 of Rick Ross Baby Mama.

The video has been published trough a dedicated website called BooBooTV and features Fifty as Pimpin Curly narrating and commenting the scenes.

“Yo, check this shit out man. I’ma show you my b**** man. Here go your baby mama Ricky. Double R ? Does that stand for Rick Ross in the middle of her muthaf***in chest man. Oh this is cold blooded man,” he adds. “I told niggas I was the beast from the east man. They thought I was b***s*****n. I ain’t b***s*****n no mo man. 1 minute and 30 seconds nigga. You see the tape. It only been on for 1 minute and 30 seconds.”

“I want you to watch this on your tour bus Ricky. I want you to watch this on your m*****f****n tour bus Ricky…Now how the f**k you gonna say you a boss and you run a m****f****n crew and can’t even control your b*****s. Is this nigga lickin on the Rick Ross tattoo ? The n***a lickin on the Ricky tattoo. Oooh shit. Oooh man. Somebody need to make an announcement.”

When asked about the tape, Rick Ross remains unimpressed by 50’s moves : “Wow, that’s big, I like that,” Ross said in an interview with Big Tigger. “At least he ain’t holding dildos with wigs on. At least he looking at girls. That’s what my whole thing is and that’s why we call him Curly. He’s not straight. We appreciate all the attention.”


October 7, 2009


October 7, 2009