Advice Question: When Is It Okay To Wear Plaid?

June 16, 2010

2 day is the day that we actually kick off our relationships and advice segment of the site. “ANY QUESTIONS, THOUGHTS, AND SEXUAL PREFERENCE IS WELCOMED”. The question that I’m working with today is about fashion. The reader (we will not use the names of the person sending the question…that’s so not fair) wants to know when is it appropriate to wear plaid. It’s always appropriate to wear plaid! It doesn’t just work for one season, it can actually be worn all year round. The real issue is how to wear it. Lady’s never wear plaid pants  because that just looks plain tacky. Very short plaid shorts with a nice plain colored shirt is nice and accessories such as purses and shoes could also be worn but do not wear plaid boots, those are even more tacky than the pants. Also remember that when wearing plaid less is more. You wouldn’t want to over due it. Do not mix patterns and colors together, the design of the plaid piece will clash with the color and it just makes everything look out of proportion. Check out some examples below.