November 11, 2009

Sammy Sosa

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Reports
A few years ago, I finally got around to reading “Black No More,” a novel by the late journalist, social satirist and novelist George Schuyler.

A former reporter for the Pittsburgh Courier, Mr. Schuyler was both a black conservative and a “race man,” an archaic term that refers to someone who takes upon himself the duty of protecting and defending the black race.

First published in 1931, “Black No More” is a hilarious and brutal tale about Max Disher, a Harlem insurance agent and neighborhood rogue who undergoes a pigment-lightening process said to have been invented by Dr. Junius Crookmore, a black mad scientist. Dr. Crookmore’s studies in Germany led to the invention of a machine that turns people of African descent into Swedes and Norwegians.
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