Thoughts on BET Awards 10'

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No More Brand Nu 4 Brandy

June 9, 2010

4 those of you who didn’t know, Brandy wanted to take a shot at being a female rapper. She appeared on Timbaland’s Shock Value II album, and even showed her skills on her reality TV show with her parents and brother Ray J entitled A Family Business. According to, Brandy says that even though she’s been rapping under alter ego Bran’Nu, don’t expect her to come out with a Hip-Hop album anytime soon, but maybe two songs on her upcoming album may feature a rap verse. iThink that shes an good rapper, though iPrefer her singing. Monica raps on her tracks at time and she’s fairly well also. If you watch the show on VH1 like myself, you’ll know that Sonja (her mother) wasn’t feeling Bran’Nu at all, and iKnow for a fact that she’s glad Brandy’s not going through with it at all. After all, it’s not like she’s a Missy Elliott or a Lil Kim.

DMX Comes Clean

May 24, 2010

Incarcerated rapper Earl “DMX” Simmons will help re-launch VH1’s “Behind The Music” series next month by discussing his personal life from childhood to rap stardom. According to reports, DMX will be one of seven artists including Christina Aguilera, Eve, Courtney Love, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Lopez and Usher to help relaunch the popular Behind The Music series on VH1. DMX kicks off the series on Monday June 7 at 8:00 pm (7 central time). It will trace DMX’s journey from his rough childhood where violent beatings from his mother led to a life of crime and jail time, to becoming one of the most successful hip hop artists of today. Viewers will get an in-depth look at DMX’s battle to the top of the music charts, becoming the first hip-hop artist to have five consecutive records debut at number one and crossing over into a successful movie career. He also comes clean about his criminal record, love life and his 25 year-long struggle with drug addiction. 25 years? Just exactly how old is DMX and what type of drugs was/is he on? I have to watch this when it airs.