Lady Gaga's Alejandro Video Review

June 9, 2010

After waiting for idk maybe 2 months, my fellow Gaga fans, stans, and little monsters have all been waiting for the Alejandro video. When the video hadn’t even began production at that time, we already had our thoughts of what to expect: guys, controversy, and guys. Well we got that and more. After watching the video the iWas shocked, confused, and scared. The stans (stalker + fan = stan, hence Eminem’s song Stan) loved the video and instantly started dissing Christina Aguilera (and vice versa, the Xtina fans we’re actually trying to get the video taken off of YouTube, at least they we’re on my twitter timeline). iUnderstand what the song is about…but iDon’t get the concept of the video (not to mention it’s 8 minutes long…look Gaga we don’t need all of this damn unnecessary stuff at the beginning of the video…or the middle)!!!! iThought that maybe after the 1st 4 minutes, the concept would kick in but all iCould come up with is that she was probably a sex slave…who so happens 2 despise her religion…or a religious sex slave who supports gay rights. Overall Must say, iLove the creativity that Gaga has. iWish that iWas as creative as she was, but the video just didn’t do it for me. Alejandro isn’t even really a song iLike on The Fame Monster, iWas hoping that the video would change that for me. iAm very much disappointed so sadly iGive the video 6.7/10.

Lady Gaga Alejandro Premiere

June 8, 2010


September 11, 2009


September 8, 2009

Check out Shade45’s Angela Yee in this video!
She’s a cutie!


September 6, 2009