Baseball player breaks his leg promptly after hitting homer (Video)

June 1, 2010

Jay-Z & Eminem interview at Yankees Game [Video]

May 13, 2010

Fan gets tasered during baseball game [Video]

May 5, 2010

Rihanna's New Boo clears up restraining order reports!

January 22, 2010



RIHANNA’s new baseball star boyfriend MATT KEMP cleared up allegations he was once involved in a violent relationship – insisting a restraining order filed against him by a former lover had nothing to do with physical abuse.
The Umbrella hitmaker split from long term love Chris Brown last year (09) after a bust-up which left her battered and bruised, and her former partner with a community service sentence for assault.
The Bajan beauty has now gone public with her new boyfriend, Los Angeles Dodgers star Matt Kemp, following a date at an L.A. basketball game on Saturday night (16Jan10).
But Kemp was hit with allegations of a violent past after it emerged a former lover, Felisha Terrell, filed a restraining order against him after their relationship ended in 2008.
Now the athlete has come forward to set the record straight, insisting the court order, which was subsequently lifted, is a “non-issue.”
Kemp’s agent Dave Stewart tells E! News, “Matt dated Felisha about two years ago and decided to end their relationship. She chose to file a complaint and shortly thereafter, on her own accord, decided to drop it based on the fact that the statements made within were false. She has very recently said that she has no issue whatsoever with Matt and that she and Matt consider this to be a non-issue.
“Matt Kemp is a consummate Midwestern gentleman who has never displayed any act of violence towards a woman.”
A representative for Terrell adds, “During the course of the relationship there was a restraining order filed by Felisha but it had nothing to do with domestic violence and to be clear Matt was NEVER physically abusive to Felisha, nor did she fear for her life. The restraining order was subsequently vacated. They both have moved on separately but remain amicable.” #ShoutOut to Contact Music


November 11, 2009

Sammy Sosa

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Reports
A few years ago, I finally got around to reading “Black No More,” a novel by the late journalist, social satirist and novelist George Schuyler.

A former reporter for the Pittsburgh Courier, Mr. Schuyler was both a black conservative and a “race man,” an archaic term that refers to someone who takes upon himself the duty of protecting and defending the black race.

First published in 1931, “Black No More” is a hilarious and brutal tale about Max Disher, a Harlem insurance agent and neighborhood rogue who undergoes a pigment-lightening process said to have been invented by Dr. Junius Crookmore, a black mad scientist. Dr. Crookmore’s studies in Germany led to the invention of a machine that turns people of African descent into Swedes and Norwegians.
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October 30, 2009


October 26, 2009

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys

By the way things are shaping up, the year, or at least the close, may very well belong to Brooklyn’s own son Jay-Z. Being named number 1 by MTVs Hottest and dubbed the King of the Mountain in the rap game, Hov may have another reason to gloat. Read the rest of this entry »