T.I. King Uncaged Album Cover

June 14, 2010

As we know, iLoooooove me some T.I. This man has 2 be on the top of my lists of lovers in my head…along with Kid Kudi, Chris Brown, B.O.B. and Tyga. But anyway, iJust love the way he walks, the way he speaks, and his act of wanting to provide for his family. He’s 1 of the few rap artists (counting the ones who iJust named and a handful of others) Who iActually listen 2. He’s probably among a good 3 or 4 rap artists who albums iCan listen to beginning to end and purchase legally. T.I.’s upcoming album King Uncaged is scheduled to be released on August 17th and iCan’t wait. So until it comes out, we have a few singles to listen too and his cd cover to gaze upon that was released today. The cover is simple, 2 simple if u ask me but it’s artistic…kinda. The lion not only looks a bit out of place, but it also scares me. This cover is giving me Lion King + King of the Bitches tease. Though iDon’t really like his cover, it is the best cover iSeen since the 2007 release of King. Maybe it would be better with some color. Oh well, he looks good though !


T.I. "Takers" Official Video

June 3, 2010

Love King Tracklisting Released

June 2, 2010

Here’s the tracklisting for The-Dream’s “Last” album Love King. The 2nd single is Make Up Bag featuring T.I.

1. Love King  
2.  Make Up Bag (featuring T.I.)
3. F.I.L.A. (Fall in Love Again) (featuring T.I.)
4. Sex Intelligent  
5. Sex Intelligent (Remix)    
6. Yamaha”   
7. Nikki Part 2    
8. Abyss   
9. Panties to the Side 
10. Turnt Out   
11. February Love   
12. Florida University    
13. Love King (Remix) (featuring Ludacris)

…Only 13 tracks ? (really 12 becuase I’m sure Love King (Remix) is an iTunes exlusive). iReally don’t think that this is his last album. Counting this particular CD, he has only done 3 all together. Love Hate has a Gold certification, whole Love Vs Money is uncertified. iLike The Dream, but he needs a platinum album, @ least 10 more top 10 hits, and a world tour before he can consider so called retiring. Not to meantion he needs 2 put out like 2 more albums which should all get multi platinum status’s. He can retire from producing, but not album making. iWonder how long this will last…


The Dream ft. T.I. "Make Up Bag" Official Video

June 2, 2010

T.I. on The Mo'nique Show (Video)

June 2, 2010

T.I. "F*Ck a Mixtape" (Download)

May 27, 2010

T.I.’s first mixtape since being incarcerated!
Download: T.I. “Fuck a Mixtape”
Download Mixtape Free | LiveMixtapes.com Mixtape Player

T.I. Worked With Lady Gaga For New Album!

May 26, 2010

Yes iEnjoy the musical stylings of T.I., and yes iAm BUYING his new album when it drops. iJus thought that iWould share that with ya’ll but  anyway, during his recent series of press interviews, T.I. revealed to MTV news about his upcoming album entitled King Uncaged which is set to be released in August. T.I. also stated that he has a collab with Lady Gaga. When asked about the title of the Red One-produced record, T.I. said that while it has not been finalized, right now it is being called “Lick It,” and he added that the track allowed him to “tune in to another side of T.I.” iKno 4 a fact that this better make the album. 2 of my favorite artists on the same track together. iHaven’t been this excited about a collaboration since Britney Spears and Madonna. If the song makes the album, then hopefully we can get a video so we can have the chance to see T.I. sporting Haus of Gaga fashion or simply murdering someone like Beyonce did in Telephone.

T.I. on the Funk Master Flex Show [Video]

May 25, 2010

T.I. on Larry King Live

May 14, 2010

Dirty Money & Diddy ft. T.I. Rick Ross "Hello Good Morning" Video

May 13, 2010